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Free Chore Chart Download

Remember way back before COVID-19? You know, when adults did adult things during the day and kids went to school? Remember busy weekday mornings, after school activities and... chores?

Chores were completely discarded at our house while we navigated virtual school and dealt with some pretty big emotions. But now that we've settled into a new kind of 'normal' and summer is here, it's time to dust off my homemade chore charts and give our home some much needed TLC.

If you're looking for an easy way to add structure to your day, please download this FREE chore chart and edit as needed to fit your family needs. I shared this with my mom friends last year and they loved it, so I thought some of you might, too. This is (obviously) tailored to my family, but I've left it editable so you can change as needed. I've found that breaking chores into morning, afternoon and evening helps my kids with transitions.

This also helps motivate us to get up and get going, so we can enjoy fun activities together.

I understand it may not be the right fit for you and your family, and that's okay too. If it only helps one mom, then this post is worth it.

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